I'll call for you at 7 tomorrow morning.

I feel like having some pizza tonight.


I don't think you need it.


The traffic crept along at a snail's pace.

You see this sign here? It means that only handicapped people can park here. And this sign here means that only VIPs can park there. So don't be parking in either of those spots, you hear?

Suresh said you're old friends.

Laura is watching television news.

I just want you to know that I know.


There was a lamp hanging above the table.

I'm also learning Amharic.

The sun's glare is strong today.

Rik is able to skate.

I bought John an album.

Piotr is Malaclypse's brother-in-law.

As a rule, the game of life is worth playing.

Give some meat to the dog.

I checkmated my opponent by using my two rooks.


I know a person who speaks Russian very well.

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Tell Myron I'm sorry I hurt him.


The ticket admits two persons.

You should have her arrested.

The desk drawer is open.

Sandeep put the rifle away.

Oh, I'm late. I should be going now.

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I felt it was worth the risk.

Can I take my shirt off? It's so hot in here.

Are you concerned with politics?


The coast was warned against a tsunami.

I brought you here for a reason.

Whose turn is it to set the table?

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But the Evans were clean and they had enough to eat.

I found the man I want to marry.

How long are you planning to stay?

How did you know this?

I bought a pair of earrings.

A population policy should be considered on the international viewpoint so as to balance the interests of both sides.

It's hard to admit that you're a failure.

The pipe conveys water from the lake to the factory.

You'll be in charge of the girls working in this factory.

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Was that a guess?

Sedovic wouldn't say no.

His health has been getting worse since the accident.

As much as I tried, I never managed to beat the final boss.

Your order has been dispatched.


Did you break that?

Keep your door locked and don't let anyone in.

Are you out of your skull?

Milo was hurt in a car accident.

Roxana took Kamel to his favorite restaurant on their wedding anniversary.


The hurricane is dangerously approaching.

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The most profitable sectors in the United States and Europe are the military and pharmaceutical industries. Knowing this, there is no need to explain why there are always wars on Earth. Yes, it's a shame.

Who did my dog bite?

I knew it was going to be tough to persuade Phiroze to help us.

I hope that I'll see her.

He is smart, and what is more, honest and punctual.


Do you sell this type of wallets?


Would you please slow down?


I am willing to bet that that particular segment of the population did not vote for him.

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I think you're doing well.


The Berlin Wall fell in 1989.


You look pathetic in that outfit.

It won't happen.

Did you understand what I meant by that?


Their house is off the map, miles away from the nearest town.

I forgot to turn off the gas!

I'm not sure why I even have a Facebook.


You've made remarkable progress in English in the past year.

Written by hand, the letter was not very easy to read.

My father seemed to be disappointed I hadn't passed the examination.

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Isaac will be back in a moment.


Would you like to live in Mumbai?

Could you show me your return ticket?

Our meeting was just an accident.

A president's work is very interesting.

Glacial meltwater is not purer than other types of water.

As if!

Why did you lie to me?

I feel safe with Roger.

Thank you for bringing her.

Living conditions were hard.

There were a lot of Australian teachers at the English conversation school I went to previously.

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You need to prune the roses.

My twelve year old boy doesn't like to play baseball.

Actually, you're right.

I have a lot of household chores today.

Don't be so naive.

Can you wait?

There are few books without misprints.

Light comes from the East.

The lock itself is a normal cylinder lock so it doesn't automatically lock when you shut the door.

Bjorne never explained why he was late.

He doesn't mean it; he's just acting.

You need to set the record straight once and for all.

Do you like the city?

As the pain worsened, Kevin tried drug after drug.

He's the pest that, on last month's class-help day, escaped leaving me with all the work.

I lied constantly to my wife.

Huashi might be sick.

There are no jobs here.

My throat feels dry.

Rodent asked me if I found what I was looking for.

The calculator is a wonderful invention.


I have decided to carry on the work.

Roxanne is doing that right now.

I used to be like her.


You're so adorable.

Where did you get that scratch on your cheek?

Ric was at my office today.


Are you a cop?


I thought I saw something out there.

Possibly she will not come.

His wife has him under the thumb.


All the details will be discussed today.

Mickey said that he could swim well.

Francis was mugged on his way home from work.

I like him because he is honest.

Profit is better than fame.

I forgot to tell Patricia when to come.

Dan took Linda out on a date.

Roosevelt is replaced by Truman.

He makes a mountain out of a molehill.

Anton was married and then he got divorced.

Irwin bought a present for her friend's daughter.

We had little water.

I can't let my father down.

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Not just for the sake of the ecology, a natural living environment is necessary.

She left here right away.

Pat ordered a doughnut sandwich.

That's not a valid comparison.

I've seen that picture before.

That was a no-brainer.

Is there any place around here where we can get something to eat?

Though the Browns have seven children, they seem to make ends meet.

I used to be thin when I was young.

We joined the country club.

As a child, I loved picking peaches in my grandfather's garden.

Dalton was never in any real danger.

How could you do this to her?

Tell me exactly what happened.

Would you like us to help you?

Narendra knows what he has to do to make Darrell happy.

There are some aircraft, called gliders that have no engines at all, but fly just fine.


Add the chopped fruit the next day and let it set for 24 hours.

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Roberto is getting some coffee.

I'm not even sure if Mechael will come.

Woody hoisted the flag.

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I'm afraid Sabrina will get lost.

In the 1960s, folk music was very popular.

All I wanted to do was to go home and cry.

The beach, bordering the Gulf of Mexico, teemed with tarballs.

It's an older version but it shouldn't matter.


I just saw an opossum.

Let's continue where we left off yesterday.

Do you know anyone in Boston?

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There is a vase on the table.

The ship crashed on the rocks.

He translated French into Japanese.

The knife has a keen blade.

Has Claudia cleaned his room yet?


This house was on the market for three years before it sold.

Word is passing that the Prime Minister is seriously ill.

I care for no man on earth, and no man on earth cares for me.


Liyuan told Sheila she had a nice smile.